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Sinfulcolors nail polish | 24/7

Grace @ No.21 Wednesday, February 20, 2013
I used to do my nails at least three times a week. I purchased a lot of nail polish and care stuffs but got lazy nowadays. I really don't care about polishing it anymore and etc.. So, I try to care/polish more often! I am so into PINK recently and summer is coming, decided to polish my nail with this neon pink color from sinfulcolors. 

I got this polish long times ago so I really don't remember where i got it from.
This is more like neon matte type color. Since it is matte type, it drys super quick which  i love about it( I don't have patient for waiting!) But, I want it to look like glossy neon pink, I used glossy top coat from L.A colors Diamond topcoat. 

 name of this pink color is 24/7 which it makes perfect sense because i am in loooooooveeee.

So what is your favorite nail polish/color? 
favorite colors for summer?


  1. Nice colour!

    Visiting from

    1. Thanks! and thank your for your comment :)
      Nice blog that you have :>

  2. cutie pink ! i like that color. perfect for summer :D

    1. I know isn't it? actually this pink is more like neon. super bright in person.


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