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Fising at the pier

Grace @ No.21 Monday, February 25, 2013

My boyfriend and I like to go fishing a lot. We tried fishing at the lake, but did not catch any for two visits. So we decided to go fishing at the pier near us start early in the morning! I personally don't like to wake up early but I opened my eyes first and told my boyfriend 'Let's go!' :-) That's how much I like to go fishing. Recently my boyfriend got me a pink fishing pole that lights up every time I reel it in! How cute! I was definitely wanted to catch some with my new fishing pole and didn't mind the size of the fish. While we were fishing, I saw a lot of people coming towards us saying 'oh, look at that!' 'omg' ' take a picture!'... and I looked over and saw at least 5 dolphins swimming around the pier. I tried to take a good picture but cellphone picture sucks!

 My boyfriend and I caught some. I think we caught about more than 15 fish and lost some too.
so it was a good fishing day :-) My boyfriend wanted to eat the fish with me but i refused. 
He deep fried the fish and ate'em. It smelled good but still I won't be eating. I caught it for him to taste :P

I think we will go fishing again next week either at the pier, of boat !
I would love to catch some BIG fish next week

What is your favorite habit/sports?


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  1. You and your boyfriend are so sweet! Fishing requires a lot of patience and I admire you guys for interest in this hobby :)


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