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Chloé Eau de Parfum Gift Set

Grace @ No.21 Tuesday, August 27, 2013 8 Comments
Chloe Eau de Parfume Gift Set - $120
Hello girls! It's been almost a week that I haven't post anything on my blog.(Oh no!) I tried to schedule some posts for the week however obviously I didn't (oops). Time passes so quick when you are busy! It's been a hectic week, quite lots of things are going on in my life right now. 

Last week, I went back to school to expend my knowledge on web development & design to help my little hobby/business to grow little more professionally. All these time consuming projects are already trying to take over me.- It only has been a week but 5+ projects are due next week! Also had to deal with some unpleasant issue that recently occurred :(. So I am trying to manage myself to be more calm over stressful situations and i'd like to say a cup of coco water and writing a post helped me stay cool.

I think it's enough about personal mumble and bumbled. Thank you for reading though :)
Anyway about the purchase, I needed to repurchase my perfume few months ago. I had a hard time picking one out of the Viktor & Rolf Flower bomb and this one. I didn't get a chance to smell the Flower bomb and didn't want to take a chance, I went with Chloe again.

 Normally the 2.5oz bottle cost $120 by itself however lucklily I found this 'deal' at Sephora website.
It's a gift set which includes 2.5oz perfume, lotion and mini bottle that I can carry in my bag.  When I wear this one, I get so many compliments and no joke, people ask about it all the time. On top of that I really love the scent. Honestly this one has been my favorite of all perfumes that I have and had, that's why I didn't hesitate to repurchase through online.  I spray this in the morning before I go to my class and it last until night before I go to bed without re spraying it. Also, the last time I had this perfume, it took me almost a year to use it all so the price isn't bad at all compare to how long it last.
I love it I love it and I love it.

Capturing the spirit of women, the Chloé vision is not about one singular woman, but rather about the rich and varied personalities of all Chloé women. This fresh, smooth floral fragrance evokes sublime powdery rose. The effect is chic, comfortable, and entirely addictive.

Top notes of pink peony, freesia, and lychee embody subtle freshness. At the heart, midnotes of magnolia flower, lily of the valley, and rose rise to sublimated femininity. A base of velvety elegance comes to fruition through cedarwood, amber, and honey.

Inspired by the details in Chloé's fashion, the flacon's heavy but softly curved and grooved glass reflects femininity and strength. The plated-silver top is embossed with the Chloé mark and adorned with a hand-tied ribbon.

Pink Peony, Freesia, Lychee, Magnolia Flower, Lily of the Valley, Rose, Cedarwood, Amber, Honey.

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Finally, New Lens for my Camera

Grace @ No.21 Wednesday, August 21, 2013 24 Comments
 Image Taken with Samsung Galaxy S3 *Please excuse my phone's bad photo quality
 So last week, I thought that i might need a new lens for my camera. I was actually searching back yard stuff with my boyfriend and then saw these really nice photographs of plants. I really liked how it's only focusing on plants and blur everything out -also known as bokeh : *my kit-lens only did a subtle background blur..

Anyway that's when I started to searching up the lenses for my camera.  I've already had 55-250mm macro lens along with 18-55mm kit-lens, so was looking for something that I can capture the smallest things such as bugs or nectar of plants however fact that I didn't had so much $ in my account,  couldn't look for fancy-nancy lenses that are over my budget. Gosh, these lenses are pricy!

While I was searching the net, I found this quite affordable 50mm lens also called nifty fifty. I was so excited as this was the one that I've been looking for.  Something that's not so pricy but still does its job - I read that it has great bokeh with sharp focus. How perfect. So right away that night, I made a purchase and finally today, it was in front of my house when I came home, I got to play with it.

You might say I can achieve more blurry effect with kit-lens or any other lenses but, first of all, I am not a professional photographer. I don't have a full knowledge and understanding of setting and stuff to make it happen. So purchased the lens that can help me achieve what i've wanted it quicker without messing with the camera.

As soon as I took several photos with it, I instantly knew that this lens will be on my camera's body for a long long time as I AM IN LOVE with it!! It gives such clear, sharp and bright images every single time I take a picture and plus oh my blur! I am so so glad that I made a purchase on this one. By the way, I've just paid little over $100 for this one so it's definitely a steal!

Image Taken with Canon Lens EF 50mm 1:1.8 II

Image Taken with Canon EFS 55-250mm
About the above image, I HAD to take this image of the moon last night. It was a full moon plus really bright. Also it was huuuuuuge! I couldn't believe how big it was. So for that reason, I took my camera out and snap! :)
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What I love to see..

Grace @ No.21 Thursday, August 15, 2013 11 Comments

As I mentioned before, my boyfriend and I are doing whole house/yard remodeling since last year. We are almost finishing up the interior of the house. It seems like took it so long for us to fix because we did it all by ourselves. From the drywalls to bathroom tiles, can't even name it all!  My awesome boyfriend did all the work to be honest - I just did painting, help him here and there and yes picking colors of course.. Now we are working on the kitchen cabinets and i assumed that it will be done by hopefully next month.

We are also working on planning the front/back yards. Recently we purchased whole bunch of planters and outdoor furniture however we, actually "i am" thinking this endless project will take another good year to complete it.

So at the moment, we are enjoy planting for the future 'awesome' backyard. I  Love to see colorful flowers and birds, growing our own chilli plant and other stuffs. It makes me so relax while just looking at it. Every time when I see plant head coming out from the dirt or flower bloomed, I feel like it's my child however I always fail to take care of flowers :( It seems so hard to keep them alive for some reason. Maybe I need some 'easy to care' plants/flowers?

Anyway, I can't wait to have our yard done so can relax at the cozy fireplace next to the beautiful flower garden.

What's your favorite flower? Any easy to care but colorful flower plants?

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Burt's Bees for Dogs : Itch Soothing Spray with Honeysuckle

Grace @ No.21 Tuesday, August 13, 2013 15 Comments

 I never thought that I would see Burt's Bees products at the pet store. I actually went to the pet store the other day to get Leia's eye drop, then I saw two shelves full Burt's Bees products. I personally like Burt's Bees products especially their lipbalms, I wanted to get something for my dog. They had variety of products to choose from shampoo/conditioner to tear stain remover however I recently notice that Leia scratches herself so much, I've decided to get her their 'itch soothing spray with honeysuckle.'

Leia usually gets scared of sprays for some reasons and doesn't even let me spray a dog perfume on her. As soon as I got home, I tired to spray some on Leia too see the 'result.' Of course I had some hard time trying to spray this one just like usual however after few trials, she got used to it and finally let me spray without chasing. About for an hour after the spray, I didn't see her scratching herself so much like before. I mean, pets don't lie right? She wouldn't act like it's not itch anymore because she knows it's from Burt's Bees. I was very impressed how quick it worked on her. I bet she liked it as well :)

 If your dog is having itch skin etc, you might want to go check your local pet store to see if they carries this product. I got mine at the Petco so I am just assuming most of the pet stores now stock the Burt's Bees for Pet range.

<Hello, I'm Leia. I'm almost one and a half yr old!>

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Blogging Tips

Grace @ No.21 Sunday, August 4, 2013 57 Comments
   I, my self, only have running this blog for about 7 months now - not a remarkable amount of time compare to others, I know. However, I always find these kinds of post, Blogging Tips, are very interesting yet helpful to read. So I just want to share some of my thoughts with you on blogging - You know, you get lots of thinking going on at night? Well, that's how i am right now so if I'm rambling, please understand.

  *These are not the must-have-to-follow rules, but crucial/important rules of mine.

1.  I want to have my own blog but don't know where to start.
  Obviously when I first started my blog, I had no idea on what I was doing. I just wanted to have my own little space on the web to documents everything that I loved. I first started off as an 'everything' blogger which I posted basically everything or anything. Then, I figured since I have a huge interest on beauty, art and diy related stuff, thought I should start making posts about it. That was a month after blogging 'anything/everything.' What I want to say is that if you really want to have your little own space on the web, don't think about anything just go ahead and make it. I know, it would be much better and nice if you know what you want to blog about however you don't have to get stress over it because you will know one day when the time comes!

2. Oh followers.
  I know there are many people who get frustrated or stressed with number of followers they have. To be honest, in the beginning, I was the one who gets very frustrated with it. It's like I am writing and talking on my blog but nobody is listening to it. Well, that's how it is though. In the beginning of blogging stage, which I'd like to call it as a solo-play, of course there's not a lot of people coming over to your blog. It's a new and people don't know until you let them know you are there existing. As of right now- after getting some followers on my blog, I really don't get frustrated over the number of followers as much as I did before. if you blog for yourself,enjoy writing it and posting a quality contents, the number of followers is just a matter of time. But if you really want to advertise your blog, I have a suggestion for you. I've joined blogging community, blog hops, and advertising on other blogs etc.. however I found that the blogger chat on twitter is way more effective on 'letting people know about your blog / advertising' as well as advertising your blog on other blogs. If you are a beauty blogger, join the #bbloggers chat, lifestyle- #lbloggers , fashion - #fbloggers use the social media wisely.

3. Realization.
   I know in blogging community, there's tons of bloggers that are nice and very supportive towards others + thoughtful. However there's a ugly truth that not all of bloggers are going to be as nice as you want them to be. I mean you can't expect everyone to like you obviously. Not all bloggers are encouraging and they all have their flaws no matter how perfect their life and personality appears online. I'm not saying that i'm perfect. I've been snarky and rude at sometimes too; I’m human just like you. However i've seen some bloggers act like they are a celebrity and using their popularity in a wrong way. Also, have seen other bloggers leaving very rude comments on other blogger's blog? Well clearly that's not nice at all. But what we you do? keep thinking of bad comments and let it to ruin our entire day or just let it go and keep going? I know this sound terribly negative and ugly however you will experience some 'blog bitchiness' sooner or later. The point I wanted to make was just don't get involve in such dramas. Mind your own business and keep blogging for yourself, not for others. The negativeness over other bloggers will only hurt yourself and your work.

4. Don't stress yourself out over posting every single day.
  To be honest, I am far from posting regularly however I remember once i was really stressed out over posting every other day to keep up my work with others. Long story short, I got burnt out quickly and seriously thought I should stop blogging if I can't post regularly.  Well, now I'm more like post things when I feel like it. Again, you should blog for yourself. Blogging should be fun, not to give you bunch stress and headaches. Also in my opinion, making a post every day is too much. Too much for you to write/plan and also to your readers to keep up. You should give your readers some times to catch up and read all your recent posts. If you have to write a post every single day or two, there's a feature to schedule your post - Also you can schedule your tweet too, if you didn't know about it!

5. Interaction is the key.
 Visit and read as many blog as possible - which i need to do more often. Get inspired by other bloggers and interact with them. If you enjoyed reading their blog/ specific post, leaving a comment is always nice thing to do. Once more, an interaction between other bloggers is the key of blogging success and here you are, on my blog, reading this post! Thank you and thank you.

Of course, there is no such rules when it comes to blogging. It's your blog, your style and your way - it's all about you. So enjoy your time blogging and let's be happy!

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3 Favorite Candles

Grace @ No.21 Friday, August 2, 2013 13 Comments
Fresh Cut Roses : Yankee Candle - $24.99
Lilac : Yankee Candle - $24.99
Natural Cotton : Village Candle - $18.00

 I didn't know I am the 'candle' person until I bought my very first one quite long ago. My first candle was Applewood and I loved it so much. Since then, I lighted up the candle , seriously,  every day. It just makes me so relaxing when the scent hits my nose. 
In the beginning, i've been buying the little candles from everywhere and then I realized those little guys are going super quick so now I'm only buying giant bottles of candle.- sometimes I used those little ones for whole day and didn't lasted so long.

I remember I was trying to pick the right candle for me so was sniffing around the aisle, then I possibly spent more than 30minutes doing candle 'pinking up & putting it back' routine and I could see my boyfriend was dying of waiting.The Fresh Cut Roses is probably my first big bottle of candle. I love its rosey scent so much, when I'm not using it I still open its lid so I can smell the flowery scent. To talk about flowery candle,  Lilac has some awesome scent. I've yet lighted this candle up however I can scent it from its bottle.- planning to use it when I am done with Fresh Cut Roses
Also if you are fan of fresh scent, I also recommend you the Natural Cotton from Village Candle. It's like fresh flowery laundry scent if it makes sense :( Sorry lovelies, I am horrible at describing scent..

I've heard Baby Powder from Yankee Candle also has some lovely scent so I am looking forward to go to the store and do some candle shopping soon! What's your favorite scent or candle?

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