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Summer Nail Polishes

Grace @ No.21 Friday, May 31, 2013 17 Comments

Snow Me White  |  Soul Mate   |  Summer Escape 
It's been so hot lately! I don't even want to go out when it is super hot outside that I can't even sit on my car and grab the handle. I feel like going to places where it's cooler, something like beach every single day. But as of right now I can't go to the beach as much as i want due to the fact that I'm away from my house where the beach is 5 minutes away. It takes about 4hours drive from here, where I am right now. 5minutes to 4hours.. CRAZY!

Anyway,  let's start the post. I didn't bring any nail polishes with me while I'm traveling so I had to go out and get few of them.  I purchased it about weeks ago in May, but since the weather was so hot I felt like it was already Summer. Usually when I pick nail polishes, I'm not a big fan of glitter polishes so I go with either neutral, muted pastel, or really bright neon colors. I went mostly for Sinful Colors because my first nail polish from SC was so good, which was matte neon pink called '24/7'. I got colors - 'snow me white' and 'soul mate.' It dried so quick, seemed like stayed longer, not a lot of chipping, and very low price. The color you are looking is what you are going to get on your nails.

Bright Neon Orange color  'Summer Escape' is from Salon Perfect. This was my first nail polish from SP so I had no clue on how the color will turn on my nails. Color that shows in the bottle is accurate. When I applied it, it looked like matte nail polish. But after when it dried completely, it turned as a bit glossy.

Overall, I love using these nail polishes due to the fact that these are dry so quick and their low prices. Colors were very pretty which I'm very satisfied with it. 

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Wishlist #3

Grace @ No.21 Tuesday, May 21, 2013 14 Comments
Spring is almost over and summer is coming but I still love flower pattern so much. Just can't resist! I ain't fashionista or nothing but when it comes to picking some clothes for myself, I prefer simple look with probably over sized top.

N.Peal Cashmere Oversized Sweater  
I like to wear something very simple yet stylish at the same time. I enjoy wearing over-sized top just because It doesn't matter if you are chubby or thin ,it fits for anybody. Comfortable? oh yeah..

Acne Blue Degrade Flex Skinny Jeans
I love this jeans' gradation effect. It's still a jeans but it gives you a little bit of style. Still simple, comfortable. That's what i like about. 

J.Crew Colorblock tartine satchel 
I carry a lot of stuff with me when I go out- the ones that I don't even need. However, most of the time, I just carry my phone and wallet and that's it. So to be honest, i'm not a bag lover but this one was too pretty, which I had to include in my list! 

Chloe Eau de Parfum, 2.5 oz.
This one is in my wishlist for ever!  

Vintage Print the Flower Wedges
I have one wedges that's very similar to this one but it's baby blue color. I love roses I love flowers..I can't help it! 

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Stipple & Flawless Concealer Brushes

Grace @ No.21 Sunday, May 19, 2013 16 Comments
E.L.F Stipple Brush & Flawless Concealer Brush

I'm so excited about writing this review. I own Mac and Real Techniques makeup brushes and recently purchased these two brushes from e.l.f. First of all, honestly, I wasn't expecting anything from these two brushes. It was so cheap and normally, in my experience, cheap brushes were very rough on my skin. I just purchased it to see the difference between brushes from other brands.

Well, I guess I was totally wrong with my first impression with these brushes! These Stipple and Flawless Concealer Brushes are the softest brushes I've ever used. No kidding. It seems like always grabbing the right amount of anything and applies on my skin so smooth/softly. Both stipple and concealer brushes blends products so well that I am very satisfied using these two for my foundation and concealing process of my makeup(very important steps on everyone's makeup process). 

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Have you ever used any makeup brushes from e.l.f?
What do you think? What's your favorite brush(s)? Do share!

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Rimmel - Stay Matte Pressed Powder

Grace @ No.21 Friday, May 17, 2013 29 Comments
Rimmel Stay Matte Long Lasting Pressed Powder - Transparent.

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder is an odd choice for a girl who enjoys having glowing radiant looking skin. However, I always want to try new things that I haven't tried just like many other girls/bloggers. So here I am with 'matte' powder to review. I wasn't particularly looking for a powder or anything to purchase at that time. Just like always, I was wondering around beauty section at the store while my boyfriend was picking up some fruits- now he knows where to find me when I disappear! 

Anyway, Rimmel's Stay Matte Powder has several different shades to chose from but I decided to go with 'transparent' since I wasn't sure that their shade will match with my skin tone. Honestly, I don't like to wear a powder to set my makeup because every time when i used a powder, it gave me a horrible caked look. So I hoped this one to change my perspective on general 'powder.'

Rimmel's Stay Matte Powder gives a slightly mattified finish for up to five hours. Generally, for daily use, I use this on my t-zone area and my chin because those are where my skin is at it's worst(oily). It definitely helped setting my makeup- liquid foundation, concealer etc.. I'm not sure about other shades from the Stay Matte Powder range because I haven't used or tried, but this transparent is really transparent. It's just perfect for set your makeup without losing any glow.

Overall, I think it's great powder for mattify your oily spots and simply set your makeup without loosing radiant looking skin. It's very affordable and definitely worth money.

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Have you tried Stay Matte Powder?

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Blogs i Love #1

Grace @ No.21 Wednesday, May 15, 2013 30 Comments

I recently saw few bloggers that were and still are faking giveaways to get more followers on their blog. How sad? Well it seems like working really well but eventually they will realize that the blogging is not just only about the number of followers.(I ,too, want as many as followers on my blog, but don't want to trick people with fake giveaways!) I mean, It's good to have many followers/readers but in my tiny opinion, blogging is also about interactions between other bloggers and get as many as information from others. Its very important that you enjoy what you are doing! 

On the other hand, there are many bloggers that are very supportive towards other bloggers and knows what they are doing. So I would like to share some links with you ,my lovely readers, for the first time. Probably many of you already know or following some of these lovelies that im going to introduce to you but if you haven't , oh my, please go check them out! Definitely worth it.

*This post might be a long one!

Blogs I love

 Coco always writes up great reviews about beauty products.  I also gained a lot of information about beauty tips / ideas. Her reviews are so honest that if I want to buy something but I'm not sure about it, I first go to her blog and check if she posted a review before the actual purchase. She was one of people who inspired me to start my own blog! She also offers advertising for other bloggers. I've been advertising with her for consecutively, and found out that her ad is one of the best out of all the other ads I've been with. So if you are interested in advertising with other blogger, I highly recommend The Beauty Milk.

  Gemma from Miss Makeup Magpie is such a sweetheart. She is very supportive towards other bloggers and super generous. I absolutely love visiting her blog daily basis. She has tons of posts about reviews but recently she had to experience a horrible nightmare. Someone hacked her blog and took out her domain name and erased months worth of posts /designs.  I felt so sorry and worried that I'm going to lose one of my favorite blogs to read. It was so horrible that I thought she might not going to continue on blogging. ( If i had to go through this, I don't know if I can handle it like Gemma and back to blogging)  But here she is with some new posts! So please do check her beautiful blog with great posts! You will be in love with her blog.

A Little Boat Sailing - Amy

  Amy from A Little Boat Sailing is another beautiful lady who is also very supportive. You can see it from the number of blog buttons that are linked on her blog.  Her layout is simple/sleek and easy to read! Her blog is mainly beauty but sometimes she throws recent instagram pictures along with some other interesting posts. Amy is so kind that she's the type of person that you want to be friend with. 

Beauty and the Chic - Claudia

Claudia's blog 'Beauty and the Chic' is mainly beauty related and contains many product reviews and lots of informative posts. I quite get excited for her new post. She does such a great job writing down her opinion and thought on the product(s) and I do search up her blog before anything that I buy online without any information to see if she did a review on it. Her photographs are great and I personally enjoy to see every details on her photos that she put efforts on. If you haven't check Claudia's blog you definitely should.

Boho Vanity - Jordan

Jordan from Boho Vanity has such a lovely blog that has clean/sleek look. She posts about Beauty, Fashion, Inspiration, Personal and other stuffs. I personally enjoy reading her 'Wanderlust' series. The first Wanderlust post I saw was Japan and it reminded me of old memories when I was traveling Japan. I was thrilled to see she posted another one recently. Now after seeing her post about Spain, I really want to go there one day! Why don't you go check her blog/posts out? it's really worth it! :)

Noiredame - Lau

Lau's blog ' Noiredame' is quite interesting blog that I really like to go visit regularly. She does many Anime inspired look that are so unique and sometimes makes me to try recreate some of her look! She's not scared to try things and i really want to be more like her. Lau's blog is so nicely organized and simple that's easy to read. Lau also does beauty reviews and very supportive blogger! Love her<3
So if you haven't check Lau's blog yet, please do. I know you will have tons of fun on her blog reading her posts. 

The Blog ofGranny Gee - Granny Gee

I don't have special interest in fashion but Granny Gee has some unique outfit wishlist every time I go visit her blog. She does beauty reviews and some celebrities posts along with many fashion related posts. What I most like her and her blog is that she is very active blogger out there who really writes up sweet comments for other bloggers and visiting many blogs. Most of the time when i find new blogs to read, I see Granny Gee's comment! I love how supportive she is as a person and a blogger. You might want to show her some love with a sweet comment on her blog, and she might return to you with much more love! 

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What are your recent favorite blogs to read?
What do you looking for or expecting when you visiting other blogs?
  Please do share! :)

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Sunday Walk

Grace @ No.21 Wednesday, May 15, 2013 4 Comments

First of all, my dog is super energetic. One time we took her to the groomers and they couldn't handle her (Leia flapped like a fish out of the water) so my boyfriend and i had to groom her by ourselves-which we ended up leaving her one leg hairy and other legs completely shaved. Yes we did a horrible job.. Groomers even suggested us to take her to the vet and get some calming med ,however, we didn't want to drug our little dog.  Even we have to use med to make her calm, we wanted something that's natural. We tried giving her tea, natural drops and taking her to the doggie park.. It seems like everything doesn't work or makes her tired.

 It was pretty hot last weekend so my boyfriend and I decided to take Leia to the doggie park. Because it was hot, all the dogs in the park were in the shade, resting instead of playing and so did Leia too. We were sat there for 30 minutes and finally agreed to go walk on the beach instead of sitting on the chair at the doggie park where no dogs were playing. We arrived at the local beach and I don't know if she liked to walk on the beach better than the park or not but at least she wasn't suffering from massive heat. I assumed that she did enjoy walking. 

Well, she wasn't the only creature that enjoyed nice sea breeze. It's been so hot lately that I couldn't stay at the house without fan or AC. Imagine this, I was sweating like a crazy 30 minutes after the cold shower. Anyway, I felt so relaxed outside. Just listening to the wave was so peaceful and being with person that I love was so precious. 

What do you do when you need some rest? 
What do you like to do with your lover on the weekend? 
Do share ! :)

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Recent Purchase

Grace @ No.21 Sunday, May 12, 2013 2 Comments

It all began when I got sick of seeing blackheads on my nose. I had to have a closer look and  I noticed my pores are more visible than before. So I had to take an immediate action that night. After reading bunch reviews about products for pore and black head, I wanted to get The Body Shop's Seaweed Mask or Origin's Charcoal Mask at first but seems like it's just a lot and  couldn't wait another day to get it.  So I went out quick and got these lovely Microdermabrasion Polish Age Defense & Conditioning Clay Mask from Botanics'. I have never used Botanics products so I was bit excited to use these products. 
Both products are doing a really good job at minimizing blackheads and leaving my skin smooth and clean. The Microdermabrasion Polish has many small particles that will scrub your skin. It wasn't too harsh on skin nor too creamy. It gives you a feeling that will eliminate nasty impurities stuff on your skin. After warm wash, my skin was smooth like a baby's butt!

The Conditioning Clay Mask was my favorite. As you can see in a picture above, I saw bunch spots on my nose that I can only interpret as the mask doing its job. As I keep using it, I see not a lot of those spots anymore which is good! The application was a bit messy. I actually spilt some on the floor when I first opened it. I think it's because there's a good amount of water in the bottle, you might have a few spill accidents. The good thing about it was that I could easily cleaned it with water.

The next day when I tried to wear a makeup, I was very satisfied. Foundation was applied flawlessly and the blackheads on my nose was hardly visible.

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FOTD : Hot pink lips + Gold eyeliner

Grace @ No.21 Friday, May 10, 2013 2 Comments
Some of you said that you would like to see how 'Milani's Rose Hip' looks on me so I've decided to do a FOTD post with the Rose Hip. To be honest, this is a 10minutes look that I really didn't put a lot of time doing this makeup compare to the time i spend for my every makeup- which is about 40minutes. I also didn't spend much time and effort concealing or mix tinted moisturizer and light foundation to cover all the blemishes on my skin. Since the lip color is so bold and strong, I didn't want to look like a crown by doing heavy makeup or looks so caked. 

Products that i've used in this post:
Sephora Makeup Palette | No7 Dual Action Tinted Moisturiser | e.l.f Tone Correcting Concealer | Milani Rose Hip | e.l.f Liquid Liners (black & Copper) | Eyelid Primer | Rimmel Stay Matte Powder | e.l.f Contouring Blush & Bronzer | Maybelline Mascara | Real Techniques brushs

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illustration - Estee(@Essiebutton)

Grace @ No.21 Thursday, May 9, 2013 12 Comments
So the other night, I couldn't sleep till 3am. I was bored but nothing to do so decided to draw something. I normally do my drawings on real paper since I love fine art instead of graphic when it comes to drawing something. However, all my 'right and the best' drawing tools were in my parent's house so only thing I could use was my graphic tablet. I don't draw much on my tablet or computer because I just think I can draw better in real paper. Anyhow, I was reading Estee's blog(Essiebutton) at the same time when i was thinking I want to draw. So I decided to draw her, she's just so gorgeous!- I smell a girl crush here! Anyway, this is how drawing came out and I quite like it. I asked her a permission for using it as my example on portfolio and she kindly said yes. Thank you so much! :)
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NOTD - Flowers

Grace @ No.21 Tuesday, May 7, 2013 10 Comments

I don't really take care of my nails as much as my skin but sometimes I want to try things. I can't even remember when is the last time I used nail polish. Probably a month ago! Anyway, I'm into 'flowers' recently and I just can't resist. This flower nails are fairly easy to create.

All you need to do is pick four colors that you like to use for base color for your nails (lighter color is recommended), base color for flowers (I used dark red-ish pink), color for the flower petals (I used natural nude color), and for the last, color for the leaves (I used mint-cream color). All nail polishes except base color for my nails is from e.l.f cosmetic and the base color is from sally hansen's xtream wear.

How to :
Color your nails with the base color of your choice and let it dry. For the shape, create 3 to 4 middle size imperfect circles on each nails to create base color for the flower and wait about a minute to dry.  After when the first step is done, place 2 to 3 smaller dots (doesn't have to be perfect!) around the base flower and again, wait to dry for a minute. Now, it's almost done! When the second step is done, create leaves by dotting 1 to 2 little dots around your flower base & the petals. Let it dry, top coat it if you want and thaadaaa you are done!

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What do you think of this nails and What is your favorite nails? 
Do you prefer the color block nails or french tips? 

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