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Day at the lake

Grace @ No.21 Monday, February 18, 2013

 Me and my boyfriend went to fishing at the lake. I was soooo excited to catch some fish! There were so many birds and ducks at the lake and I thought it will be little hard to get some fish. We went to the lake about 12 noon? and came back like 5:30p.m.. I was wearing little light cardigan because I thought the weather is nice and will be hot during the day but well, I guess i was wrong big time. After 1:30? 2? it started to get cold and super windy. I thought i was dying for real. My clothes were inappropriate for fishing i guess. Also we were so close at the water (cold x 2)! We couldn't catch any fish and hardly saw people catching them so I would say it was a 'no fish day.' We learned our lesson from yesterday at the lake that we need to wear something warm! If it gets too hot, we can take it off... So, maybe today we will go try salt water fishing at the pier. I'm not sure but if i get to go, I will post more pictures!

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