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GEO color lens | Nudy Brown

Grace @ No.21 Monday, February 18, 2013
 I purchased color lens from Honeycolor. I used to wear colored lens everyday when i was in Korea since in middle school. I stopped wearing them after when i got here and it's been more than four years now that i haven't wearing them. I only got this lens to look little different when i go to Vegas. I had hard time choosing between gray and brown but, since my hair is more brownish than black, I decided to get brown. Look! it came with little cute animal case :)

Product Specification
Usage Modality:  Yearly Disposable BC:  8.6 mm DIA:  14.2 mm Water content:  38%

Natural light
with no makeup and it still looks cool ! I love this flowery design :-)

With flash light
Yeah yeah I know, my eyes are all red.. Anyways It is not from the lens. This lens is actually really comfortable when i compare to other brand lenses. My eyes are more darker than brown. Even my eyes are more like black, this lens blends well with my naturally eyes in distance.

Natural light
Also it makes my eyes bigger. This crazy design grabs people's attension on my eyes.
Many people start look at my eyes and notice it first because it pops!

Natural light
My boyfriend call it " cat-eye look"  I really think it will be nicer on people who has lighter color eyes. like light brown.  Overall, I like the comfortableness, design, size, color!
I believe I made a good decision on purchasing this lens.

Which is your favorite color lens? What do you think about green color lens on brown hair?


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