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Pink ombre hair

Grace @ No.21 Tuesday, February 19, 2013
This is what i am into recently... Pink ombre hair.
Well, I have natural dark black hair and it is really hard to get any light colors unless i bleach it. But bleaching is so damaging on my hair that is what i don't want to do. Sadly, I bleached once about a month ago to get 'ash brown' color. It didn't go well.Now I want to try pink ombre so so much and was looking for some pictures for my references, I found this article Does pastel and pink ombre hair looks good on you?
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What Color Would Look Good With Pink Ombre Hair?

Every season, we see several hair trends in all the stylist’s lists. From color to cut, there isn’t any shortage of stuff one may do with the hair to be able to reinvent herself. If you like a trendy style which will turn heads on the streets, try the ombre hair, which is also loved by celebrities such as Khloe Kardashian, Rachel Bilson, and Drew Barrymore. The following paragraphs describe some ways of reinventing your hair look.
Ombre hair is actually a demonstration of hair color gradation, meaning it is a hair coloring style, which involves a slow hair darkening or lightening that gives the hair roots a very different shade right from the ends. This look was initially flaunted on runways, and with time has gradually trickled down to the masses. Based on the intended look, ombre hair may be super dramatic; for example raven black to the platinum blonde, or even sumptuously subtle like chocolate brown to cocoa color. It may be worn on every hair length, but it looks better on medium-to-long ones.
As with all hair color tasks, seeking a professional’s guidance is highly recommended. With hair color, there exists a line between fantasy and reality. For the brave, or for the first timers, do it with caution and go by the listed steps.

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With blonde/ light hair, just get a box of hair dye with a darker shade such as Ombre pink hair. Remember if the contrast between your natural color and the dye is big, the result will be more noticeable. Apply it to the hair roots, down to the intended point for the darker colors; just around the ear level. Be careful not to allow the dye to drip far down, since spotting may occur. Go by the instructions on the dye box to know the duration of leaving the dye in, and then rinse it out when finished.

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If you have dark hair, you can follow 2 routes. You may choose to lighten the entire head of hair and dye the hair roots darker, or you may apply a lightener to the ends only. Also, ensure that you take great care while applying and go by all the instructions.
The dye type you choose is critical. To have a dramatic effect, go for permanent hair dyes, since they are very potent and pigmented. If you want it subtle, choose a semi-permanent dye, or maybe a glaze. Remember that the milder choices cannot show on the dark hair types, therefore tailor the applications appropriately.

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Ombre Hair Coloring Tips

- Cut your hair prior to balayaging as placement depends on the cut. Moreover, you don’t need to cut all of the hard work out!
- Use a smaller brush to have a definite application and always be careful to ensure that your hair is fully saturated in every section.
- Remember that you can always lowlight with the technique too, or alternate with lows and highs.
- Try backcombing the sections initially to lift the hair off itself to avoid bleeding onto other portions.


  1. I'd love to have the confidence to go a pink. I think it look so stunning on people, I wish I could pull it off.

    Lovely post,

    Natalie xx

    1. I bleached my hair to do pink ombre hair then later, after bleaching twice, it damaged my hair soo much that made me decide not to do it.. But, Yes I totally agree with you! I think it looks so good on people. You should try someday :)
      Thank you for your comment Natalie! xx


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