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e.l.f | Cream Blush - Heartbreaker

Grace @ No.21 Monday, July 29, 2013 20 Comments

e.l.f Studio Cream Blush : Heartbreaker  $6.00 
Size 0.53oz/15g

It seems like most of posts I make are 'pink' related. Pink lipsticks, pink this and pink that. I thought I love every colors equally however I guess I have tiny more love towards pink compare to others. 
Anyway back to the point, I purchased this one quite long ago with other e.l.f products but honestly I didn't even remember that it was in my vanity drawer until few days ago.  

I have used stick cream blush but never tried any cream blush that is in a little container. I like the appearance of its container however it's way too big when I think of the product inside. Also the color on their website shows it as kind of coralish peach when the actual product is purely pink. I could have got mad over the difference of the color, but I only spend $6 so I really didn't mind.
You can use fingertips or stipple brush to apply it. I use my fingers instead of stipple brush because when I tried to apply it with stipple brush, It really didn't grab any color. The blush has like play doh feel when I touched it. It really doesn't have 'cream' blush feeling which I expected it to be more watery/creamy. Somehow the color was hard to get on my skin and when I tired it, it just gives a powder blush look.

To be honest, the color wasn't my taste and to me, it didn't really feel like 'cream' blush at all. Also the color was really hard to get on my skin - I had to apply some good amount of layers over and over to get the color. I'm just glad it wasn't a pricy product.

Ingredient : Dimethicone, Cyclopentasiloxane, Polysilicone-11, Dimethicone/Divinyl Dimethicone/Silsesquioxane Crosspolymer, Dimethicone/Vinyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Methl Methacrylate Crosspolymer, Titanium Xoxide (CI 77891), Laureth-12, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben.
MAY CONTAIN: Iron Oxides (CI 77491, 77492, 77499), Red No.28 Lake (CI 45410), Red No.6 (CI 15850).

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Red Apple Lipstick's Mineral Lipstick in Lovebird & Oh My Guava

Grace @ No.21 Monday, July 22, 2013 24 Comments

Red Apple Lipstick | Lovebird  & Oh My Guava - $23.50 ea.*
*PR samples. Kindly sent to me for consideration.

 I love lipsticks. I love how it can change my mood depends on colors if it make sense.  When I've got contacted by Red Apple Lipstick, I was so thrilled. All of their products are non-toxic makeup which are soy,allergen,cruelty,gluten and paraben free. Red Apple Lipstick kindly sent me two lipsticks to try. As you know if you are my all time reader, when it comes to picking lipstick colors for myself, I normally go with pink or pinkish nude undertones. So this time again, I chose one pink lipstick and pink-nude one to be safe. Well, adding of to be safe, did you notice their name? Lovebird and Oh My Guava.. How cute? I mean, the names attracted me as well as their colors.

The packaging was pretty sleek, simple yet strong casing. It has little bumpy grips on the bottom of its container which will not allow your finger to be slide and reduce the chance of accident for me to drop it on the floor and ruin the whole lipstick. Also, it has name tag on the bottom of its case for easy stock in the lipstick organizer or drawers.

These lipsticks can be compare to the MAC's cream sheen finished products. It looks like it has some kind of shiny particles in the pictures showing above however does not have it- picture shows/explains how well it's going to be moisturize your lips. It's quite glossy enough that I don't have to use a lip-gloss on top of this lipsticks. In addition, the guide paper that came with this products recommended me to prepare my lips before using the lipsticks but it still looks great on my very dry lips without using a lip scrub. It feels very comfortable on my lips if you know what I mean.

One thing I notice was that it doesn't have those fakey kind of makeup scent/smell. In my opinion, it would be better if it had some kinds of little fruity or flowery smell to it but I am pretty amazed with these lipsticks quality and packaging. I know they are little pricey but as they claimed, it's healthy makeup! I saw on Red Apple Lipstick's  website that they are also selling other stuff such as lipliners, lipglosses, lip balm and eye shadows.

I must have to confess that I have my love for beauty products however actually didn't really care much about what's inside of products that i've been using. It was a great opportunity for me to try non-toxic makeup by myself and see the difference and open my eyes more to the healthy products. So if you are the person who always concern about makeup ingredients and try to look for better healthy makeup products, you might want to check Red Apple Lipstick.

Ingredients : Helianthus Annus - 100% pure organic cold pressed, Euphorbia Cerifera (Candelilla) Wax, Butyrospermum Parkii, Organic Cera Alba, All Natural Gluten Free - Soy Free - Corn Free Vitamin E Tocopheryl Acetate, May Contain: Titanium Dioxide ,Manganese Violet, Mica, Iron Oxide.

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Comic Con International

Grace @ No.21 Sunday, July 21, 2013 11 Comments

Yesterday, me and my boyfriend went to the Comic Con International at downtown San Diego.
My boyfriend knew someone who works there at the Comic Con, got two free tickets which was awesome!

I have my love for Hello Kitty since I was little girl, therefore couldn't wait to see the latest version of it. Lots of people dressed up like the comic characters, lots of stuff that I wanted to get but it was kind of pricey. While we were walking around and looking stuffs, we found this little cute doll that was in the display shelves. As soon as we saw this one, we thought it's pretty cool looking doll. My boyfriend could tell that I wanted it so bad (I couldn't take my eyes off of it and this was the only thing I wanted it from Comic Con), he decided to get one for me before someone takes it. It was originally asked for $70 however it has some smudged spots here and there, we got it for $50. - Smudged spots from when the guy who made this locking the paint. This is actually a smallest size doll that they had. They had some bigger ones but not as detail as this little guy! I was just so glad I could bring this guy home with us. 

Anyway, I first thought bringing my camera to the Comic con however I knew we are going to walk around a lot and didn't want to feel like ' oh, too heavy i shouldn't have brought this thing..' So, I didn't took a lot of pictures while I was there but it was just fun to be there looking around, watching people dressed up and buy stuffs.

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Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray

Grace @ No.21 Thursday, July 18, 2013 19 Comments
 Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray - $29.00

After trying a sample of this spray at the Ulta, I knew I had to get it. I absolutely hate when my makeup start to melt during the summer. It's like better not to wear any makeup however this fabulous little bottle works so wonderful! It prevented my makeup from melting and made my face look fresh for a looooong time.

The other day, I spent whole day flying over from D.C to CA. I woke up really early that day did my makeup around 4o'clock. I sprayed some of this 'All Nighter'  all over my face and hope it will keep my makeup fresh until I get to CA - I wanted to look pretty when I see my boyfriend in two months. Also most of my makeup pouches were not with me, they were in the baggage so I HAD to trust this long-lasting makeup setting spray!

During the flight, I slept, rubbed my face probably, yawned so much and probably some tears while I was yawning.  Surprisingly, for real, my makeup didn't even smudged at all. usually it melts around my eyes and get really messy under my eyes. This time, it didn't happened. Also, my blush stayed like I just applied.

Honestly I am really really reaaaaaallly impressed with this bottle, I'm thinking about getting an oil control one as well. It's so compact to carry around but I really don't have to since one time spraying in the morning goes for a long time.

What do you think about this makeup setting spray?

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3 Summer Essentials with The Feminine Crusade

Grace @ No.21 Saturday, July 13, 2013 10 Comments

I am super excited about guest posting over Grace’s beautiful blog today. I found out what a sweetheart she is when she designed my blog. Thank you for having me today girl.
In summers I look for two things in my makeup. One, is it waterproof? Two, would it make my skin dewy? So this post comprises of 3 of my summer essentials, a mascara that would not melt even on Mercury (don’t take me literally please) and a blush and a BB cream that would make sun hit on all the right places.
Foundations find a place in the back of my drawer when I fish all my BB Creams out in the summer. I would not be able to live without a BB Cream in this weather. It gets so hot and humid that the thought of having anything heavier than a BB Cream on my face makes me cringe. I even steer towards tinted moisturisers sometimes. But Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream is my all-time favourite because it feels as light as a tinted moisturiser and gives the coverage a BB Cream should. Not like all the claims the many drugstore BB Creams are making today. On top of that, besides having skin-adjusting properties it also gives a beautiful glow to my skin.  And oh it also has SPF.
Have you ever stared into your NARS Orgasm’s pan and wondered how cool would it be if it melts into creamy goodness? I know you haven’t, lol. But still, Orange County Girl is Orgasm’s cream blush form in some ways. It is very similar in colour, a gorgeous warm peachy-gold, but it lacks in pigmentation and staying power. I love cream blushes, they make my cheeks look like glowing apples haha. Orange County Girl looks amazing on me, the soft coral-peach with hints of shimmering gold. I don’t even use a highlighter with this one.
This mascara is a PAIN to remove. One of the reasons, you won’t see this mascara budging no matter what. If you have problems with runny (waterproof) mascaras, then this might be your answer. I very rarely wear this one, since it really takes so long to have it off my eyes. But since it is summer, and holiday season, there are times when I am out till night and I need something that looks as good as new by the end of the day, then I’d turn to this vile False Lash Effect. It is a one of the darkest blacks I own and gives full thick lashes. 
What products can’t you live without in summer?


Shang J.


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Estée Lauder Anti-Aging Creme

Grace @ No.21 Wednesday, July 10, 2013 12 Comments
Revitalizing Supreme is the first Global anti-aging creme by Estée Lauder. Yes, It is an anti-aging product. Some of you might ask me that why do i need a good anti-aging products in the beginning of my twenties. Well, as I always said, good skin is everything. Some people might think 'oh my skin is perfectly fine.' Then once they get older, will see and realize how important it is to have a great skin and might be regret about not taking so much care on their skin when they were young.

 My mom used to tell me that I need to start taking care of my skin better since I was in high school. Honestly, I was a teenage girl who sometimes goes to sleep with the makeup on. Now as I'm thinking I was quite lucky that didn't breakout at all during my teenage after what I've done to my face.. Anyway back to the point, my mom recommended me to start using eye creme even though I didn't had any wrinkles. She also told me that using anti-aging product is not that i have any wrinkles but to prevent future wrinkles, and it will be much harder to get rid of it once I get one. So far, luckily, I don't find myself having serious wrinkle problems. 

Anyway, I decided to get this product after reading descriptions and reviews online. It claims It fights wrinkles, lack of shininess and dehydration. Estée Lauder ran several clinical tests to prove the results. According to these, 92% of women had their skin improved in less than four weeks. Less wrinkles, a better density and the shine of a healthy skin.

First of all, this was a little $$ for me since I am more like a budget friendly beauty lover. But, sometimes I do want a good skin care product and I gave it a go. Generally I do like Estée Lauder's skin care products. I like their scents, the thickness of their products, and pretty packaging etc.. This anti-aging creme has a nice thickness when I apply to my skin. Definitely has a stretch feeling after the application  which I always expect from any anti-aging products. I notice that it gets little warm. - I personally don't like those warm/hot feeling after using ANY kinds of beauty products.. This product has some decent amount of creme that I can use it for awhile. I wont be repurchase it just because It is a nice skin care product but I do think I don't need to spend so much on skin care as of right now. My skin isn't that bad and even I wouldnt use high end product, I will still find some affordable alternatives. 

What do you think of Estée Lauder's skin care products? 
What's your must have skin care brand? 

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Summer Beauty Edit with The Guilty Girl

Grace @ No.21 Monday, July 8, 2013 16 Comments

Hello, lovely Grace of Beauty readers! My name is Tami, and I blog over at The Guilty Girl. I'm so delighted that Grace was looking for guest bloggers and kindly accepted my offer - I'm a follower of her blog myself, coming here for my beauty fix as I'm sure you all do too! I figured a little delve into my beauty bag was in order, and what better way to kick off some long-anticipated warm weather in England (FINALLY!), than to bring you a summer beauty edit!

First up on the summer roster - glowing, healthy skin. It's time to cast out those heavy coverage foundations and rotate to something a little simpler and lighter - no one wants to be a sweaty mess with colour running down their face, am I right? 

I have been LOVING (read: obsessed with) this Dior NudeSkin BB Cream, I have the shade 02, which I was worried would be a little too yellow for my skintone but it sank into my skin and blended beautifully, just with fingers. The actual 'skincare benefits' of this BB cream are still dubious but as soon as I put this on my face, it sank in and within about 2 minutes, I forgot I was wearing anything at all. If you want to see it in action, I took anInstagram of my mug! It really is such a gorgeous finish - not too 'radiant', not too matte. Oily skinned gals might want to keep a little translucent powder nearby for T-Zone later in the day, though.

Another must-wear for summer is a good bronzer, to amp up summer tans or create non-existent ones (thank you, rainy June). My vice of choice is the much-blogged Nars bronzer in Laguna which provides just the right amount of bronzey glow without too much shimmer, making it a great contour shade too.

I like to keep my eyes simple and create most of the 'drama' (who really wants drama when the temperatures are scorching, anyway?) with a pop of colour on my lips. My selection has been all drugstore (yay!) and all-brights, with a beautiful pop of corally pink from Kate Moss for Rimmel #16 - an opaque, statement lip. Beware girls with no stomach for scent - this one is quite heavily perfumed. I don't mind it, but I could see it being a problem for some.

Who doesn't love a Revlon Lip Butter? These babies have been flying off shelves and these two new offerings from their Spring/Summer collection made it into my handbag staples within a week of their release. The beautiful, orangey-red of Wild Watermelon can be a sheer wash or a pigmented pop of colour depending on how much you build it up, whilst Juicy Papaya really does make your lips look juicy, full and adds a coral/orange hint. Perfect for off-duty, lazy days by the beach/in the park with a big pair of shades.
I'm consistently striving for that California girl, beach babe, shaggy hair and, whilst my hair is quite thick and well-nourished (thank you, genes), it doesn't hold style or texture very well as a result. Enter Bumble and Bumble's Surf Spray, a salt spray which can give a matte, mussed-up texture to even my unruly locks. I didn't really understand how to use this to its best for a while, so if you're struggling with it - here's what I've found: apply it to the ends of hair and scrunch liberally, mess your hair around, flip it upside down and boom. Your name is Kate Bosworth. Where is your surfboard, girl?

After said messing around of hair, things can get a little bit, well... knotty. My Tangle Teezer never goes far from my side, for use right after swimming to brushing out product easily. I've never known a brush like it for getting through my very thick hair completely painlessly. Holy grail status.
And to conclude, a *slightly arty* picture of Essie's Sunday Funday, my nail colour of choice this summer. Sported on my toes and tips, this has it all. Neon? Check. Coral? Check. Glitter? Check. And not chunky, horrible, hard to remove glitter. Beautiful, subtle, shimmer-in-the-light glitter. Hence the artsy photo. I had to show how the glitter runs through in daylight... Not my beautiful new cacti. Promise.

I hope this has given you some summer inspiration for your make up bag and that wherever you are, you're having a great July. Remember: the only summer essential you REALLY need is a big smile. And SPF. Wear sunscreen, ladies.

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What have happened to me lately..

Grace @ No.21 Thursday, July 4, 2013 19 Comments

Last few days have been caused so much trouble for me. i spent quite unexpected $$$ over stuff that normally doesn't get messed up so easily.  

First, my DSLR memory card crashed while I was taking photos of my brother doing his martial arts demonstration outside. I assumed it got messed up from the heat so I ran to the nearest Walmart and got weather proof memory card. I was so upset because it was only like two months old at the most and not only that, I lost all my photos that were in the memory card. (Make sure you have a weather proof memory card for your DSLR if you taking it outside a lot!)

After when it happened, i came back to my mom's house and realized I need to charge my camera. Unluckily, I didn't bring my camera's battery charger from my house so i had to either buy it for a week or can't use it for blogging and stuff until I go back home. So at the end, I decided to wait a week until I go back home. -this might be a reason why you don't see much uploading on my blog..I feel terrible! 

Lastly, this just happened last night which I think it's crazy!! 
After did some designs for my clients, I was searching web looking DIY stuffs. Suddenly, the screen froze and I couldn't do anything but to reboot my laptop. By the way, i have a MacBook Air. I rebooted it, searched some more DIY and again, i had to reboot. This time I couldn't even get to the login part. It only showed me a gray screen with flashing folder with question mark on it. I tried every single solutions there's on the web (searched through my phone) and nothing seemed working. So I decided to wait a day just in case of it fixes by itself but it was still acting crazy when i woke up this morning. I decided to take it to the apple store near D.C but today is 4th July... Everyone was heading to the D.C. Which means so freaking much traffic!!! Anyway, I took it to the store and the 'genius' over there said my hard drive crashed. Oh okay..wait,WHAT? Yes, my hard drive crashed and decided to just disappear so I can't get any data out of it. Just letting you know , i never back up my stuff. So "hard drive failure" means I lost all my data, designs, codes, adobe softwares,  and some important documents plus precious photos that has my memory in. Moreover, my warranty ran out two weeks ago so I had to pay almost same amount of what I paid for my laptop. I know, insane. To be honest, I just wanted to cry right in front of everybody. I went there with my dad and he knew I need some sweets. He took me to the Cheesecake Factory and I had some fabulous Godiva chocolate mousse cheesecake. Oh yes I feel much better now.. 

Anyway, I'm getting my laptop back on Wednesday next week and thought my design processes will be on hold but I managed to download most of my stuff back ,from my files online and USB drive, on my parent's iMac ;) So, design service will run like nothing ever happened ! 

Oh by the way, if you find your MacBook's trackpad feels weird and looks like it's possessed(clicking everywhere by itself while you try to navigate the screen), you definitely want to take it to the Apple store. I had that issue before my hard drive crashed and I asked today to the 'genius' , he said bad hard drive most likely caused all these problems. + if you have important data , make sure to back up every week...or at least a month.. I learned hard way ;( 

*image from weheartit
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July Wishlist

Grace @ No.21 Tuesday, July 2, 2013 17 Comments
1. Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Perfume - $115.00 
I've been searching a good flower scent perfume for a long time now. After few trips to the beauty stores, I fall in love with this perfume. Since i am travailing, I decided not to get it now and wait until I get home.

2. Ted Baker Bow Pouch - $42.43 to $55.00 (depends on the size)
This one is literally a 'wish' item. It is just too pretty not to get it, however, I have to admit that it is quite pricy for a small pouch isn't it? There's so much colors you can choose from- I personally love pink,baby blue, and coral one.

3. Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow - $20.00
After coloring my hair back to dark. I was in need of a new darker color brow product. I was looking bunch reviews and stuff online comparing bunch brow products - Benefit's Brow Zings, Mac Fluidline Brow Gel, Make Up For Ever's Aqua Brow and Urban Decay's Brow box; After reading and seeing review/swatch pictures, I think this one might be perfect for me.

4. Urban Decay Brow Box - $29.00
I just want to try both Make Up For Ever's Aqua Brow and this Brow Box.

5. Urban Decay All Nighter Make Up Setting Spray - $14.00 ; 1oz , $29.00 ; 4oz.
I like fresh make up look just like every one does. My make up tend to get smudge really easy from hot California weather even though I use water proof products. A week ago, I went to Ulta to look for some fragrance and saw this make up setting spray. So I did a quick spray with the sample of it. I knew I will be out all day long that day and thought it's perfect to test it out. I was so pleased that my makeup stayed so fresh and none of my makeup got smudged. So, after the sample testing, I quickly fall in love with it and thinking why didn't i find it sooner?

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