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Pink galaxy nails

Grace @ No.21 Thursday, March 7, 2013
I have  'pink' 'purple' obsession.. I know it's kind of girly.. but those two colors has always been  my favorite colors. This nail tutorial is for those who love pastel tone just like me! It's perfect since it only requires PASTEL colors

You will need : Base coat, Pearl top coat, White Pearl polish (DearFace snowwhite), Pastel Purple polish (The Face shop ), Pink polish ( Nature Republic), Purple pearl polish (nature republic pp405), Pastel pink polish ( Hollywood girl HG276 Pink martini), Some sponges ! 

1.  Prep your nail + base coat.
2.  You will need a sponge less than the size of your nails. Use Pink and lilac for the first color but remember not to mix colors completely. You want to see little bit of lilac and pink both!
3.  Repeat step 2. total 2 coats.
4.  Get another sponge but this time the size need to be smaller than the first sponge in step 2.
5.  Use tiny bit of purple pearl polish and create a 'milky way'.
6.  Pastel pink here and there.
7.  Use pastel purple (lilac) to cover the side of milky way (purple pearl) but do not cover completely. After you cover the milky way, use white pearl polish all over 'lightly'.
8. Top coat, and done!

Do you prefer a pastel tone? or strong colours like neon?


  1. Nice, I love purple.

    1. Thank you :) I love purple too! xx

  2. OMG absolutely love this! Purple is awesome! Visiting from Friday Flash Blog Hop ^^


    1. Thank you for visiting Gabs! :)xx


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