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Grace @ No.21 Saturday, March 23, 2013

Elizabeth Arden : Visible Difference Refining Moisture Cream Complex 3.4oz - $ 59.99

As i promised in my ' Recent Purchase ' post, I'm going to write a review about Elizabeth Arden's Visible Difference Refining Moisture Cream Complex (This is a looong name.) As i mentioned in my other post, I paid only about $20 @ Costco. I don't know if Costco still have this product because I haven't check it.

I had some skin troubles by the time I purchased this moisture cream and was very stressed out because it just looked ugly! I couldn't cover with my foundation, concealer etc.. More make up I put on my face to cover the troubles, the uglier it looked. So, I figured that I need to concentrate on my skin to recover from this ugliness. Anyways, my skin is little dry and if i don't put any cream on it gets flaky. So I've been using this moisture cream every morning and night for about two weeks or so. My first impression was wow, it is a huge bottle (I think I can use it for several months even with twice a day).  I just loved its simple design and also I was little surprised when I first used it. It calmed my troubles and instantly smooths my skin! I was yelling out to my boyfriend that it's a great buy. It still does great job on what it suppose to do and more. I'm glad that I purchased this product.

The only thing I don't like about it is the scent. It has some weird strong lemon scent. I personally don't like strong lemon scent but I still use it because it works great on me. So I guess I can deal with it. I saw some reviews of people who already purchased their seventh bottle of this moisture cream and still loving it.  So if you are lemon loving person, you will be very very satisfy with this product.

Overall, I recommend this product to whoever looking for a good moisture cream.



  1. Nice Review..

    xo janika


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