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100 ideas | Week One #14

Grace @ No.21 Friday, March 22, 2013

100 ideas by Keri Smith
#14. trace your footsteps with chalk.

 I stumbled upon blogs and found Keri Smith's 100 ideas. Many of them are kind of stuffs that I wouldn't normally do or think of. I thought it is fun and unique to try in my boring and dry life! Since I have a set of chalk, I tried number 14 trace your footsteps with chalk. My little doggie kept bothered me while I was drawing and walking. I wanted to trace Leia's little paw but she has too much energy to escape or run around. 
My boyfriend would think me as a childish but at least I had a fun tracing it!



  1. That is super cute! That'd probably be fun for kids too. ;)

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  2. What a cute idea!! :D

    And thank you so much for inviting me to your bloghop but how can I join? (sorry cos i've never joined a blog hop before ^^'')


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