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Beauty DIY: Brown Sugar Scrub

Grace @ No.21 Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I dig DIY beauty. I have a ton of ingredients in my cabinets from the baking I did this past winter, and now it’s time to give them another use. DIY scrubs are awesome because you can tailor them to your individual needs and desires. The sky is the limit as long as the sky is constrained to your kitchen or your wallet.
This scrub is pretty basic, and you can do a lot of modifications to suit your needs.

Here are the ingredients:

-     A container
-     Olive oil
-     Brown sugar
-     A vanilla bean

That’s a short list and these are gonna be short directions, so let’s go!

Fill your container 2/3 full of brown sugar. That smell? That’s the smell of awesomeness about to happen.
Crack open that vanilla bean and scrape it in there. It’s like baking, but you probably won’t eat this. (But you can, ya know? And if you want to, have a bite!)
Dump on some olive oil. You can make it as dry or as soggy as you want, so get it just how you like it.
Stir that mess up, put a lid on it, and call it a day because you are DUNZO!

You can change this up to suit your fancy. Don’t like vanilla? You and I disagree on that, but you can use whatever essential oil you want instead to make it smell different. Want to put some stuff in there to make your skin soft? Right on! Throw in some vitamin E oil and that mission is accomplished. What’s that you say? You’re serious about your exfoliation? I hear you and I’ve got you. Throw in some ground almonds and some white sugar, and let your epidermis feel the freshness.

Do you like to make your own beauty products? Do you have a favorite? Are you going to try this? Have you done something similar before? What were the results? Let’s meet up in the comments and talk DIY beauty.

Original post original pic source here.  Please consult with Dr. before using if necessary.


  1. Just discovered your blog, I love it! Especially the layout and header. I've never made my own beauty products but these look great!

    1. Oh Thank you very much, Elizabeth! :) xx

  2. Loving your blog! This is a great post! I have always wanted to make my own scrub. Plus the jar gives it the perfect touch!

    I am your newest follower =) Can't wait to see more posts from you!
    Would love for you to check out my blog.

    1. I followed back. Thank you:) xx


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