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Grace @ No.21 Sunday, May 12, 2013

It all began when I got sick of seeing blackheads on my nose. I had to have a closer look and  I noticed my pores are more visible than before. So I had to take an immediate action that night. After reading bunch reviews about products for pore and black head, I wanted to get The Body Shop's Seaweed Mask or Origin's Charcoal Mask at first but seems like it's just a lot and  couldn't wait another day to get it.  So I went out quick and got these lovely Microdermabrasion Polish Age Defense & Conditioning Clay Mask from Botanics'. I have never used Botanics products so I was bit excited to use these products. 
Both products are doing a really good job at minimizing blackheads and leaving my skin smooth and clean. The Microdermabrasion Polish has many small particles that will scrub your skin. It wasn't too harsh on skin nor too creamy. It gives you a feeling that will eliminate nasty impurities stuff on your skin. After warm wash, my skin was smooth like a baby's butt!

The Conditioning Clay Mask was my favorite. As you can see in a picture above, I saw bunch spots on my nose that I can only interpret as the mask doing its job. As I keep using it, I see not a lot of those spots anymore which is good! The application was a bit messy. I actually spilt some on the floor when I first opened it. I think it's because there's a good amount of water in the bottle, you might have a few spill accidents. The good thing about it was that I could easily cleaned it with water.

The next day when I tried to wear a makeup, I was very satisfied. Foundation was applied flawlessly and the blackheads on my nose was hardly visible.

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  1. I love the idea of the clay mask. It reminds me of a cheaper version of the Origins clay mask which does pretty much the same thing.

    Great blog post.


    1. I wanted to get Origins clay mask but then I got this and in love with it! It does great job on what it suppose to do <3


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