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Influences of the Internet TAG

Grace @ No.21 Friday, April 5, 2013

  A beautiful lady named Imogen (@Be Beautiful ) tagged me on this lovely post. Thank you!  


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5) Enjoy!

1. Did other blogs convince you to start up your own?
I always loved reading and visiting people's blogs and one day, I found lovely Estee from essiebutton, and beautiful Coco from Thebeautymilk. Their blogs are always nice to visit and their amazing photos inspired me to start my own blog!

2. Have you joined a site because someone else in the blogosphere did?
I guess i did!

3. Is there a tip/regime you've gotten from the internet that you now use?
I was my face warm to cold and repeat 3 times to get rid of all nasty stuff that is in my pore!

4. If your favourite YouTube/Blogger personality likes a product, will that make you buy it?

If they recommend it over and over on their blog/youtube and if I feel like that's the one I need then yes of course love to try and see.

5. What do you look for in a blog that makes you want to follow?

I love to read and follow blogs that has tons of useful info about products and etc. Also I like to follow a blog that has nice and neat layout + design because 'I' feel like that tells me right away that they put their afford to make their blog unique.

6. Have you ever been deceived by a product that you ordered online? (e.g you thought it would be pink but it was coral)
Nope, not yet and I hope not !

7. Have promo pictures and press releases given you the impression that a product will be better than it is?

Of course. Who doesn't like pretty/better stuff?
8. Is there a product you could give a 'cult' status for being so good that you discovered through the internet?
As of right now, I would say Maybelline's color whispers! They are so good with affordable price. I love it so much that I wear it almost every time. I have quite a lot of lipsticks but that's the one that impressed me the most.

9. Is there a product you have tried and hated, but others have loved?

Not yet, so far.

10. Is there a Blogger/YouTuber that influences your fashion style? If so, who?

I don't know about fashion influences since I like to wear what i feel like to wear. 
However, Estee's natural look made me think it's very pretty and was a huge influence over me.
11. Is there a Blogger/Youtuber that influences your attitude each day/lifestyle?

There are tons of bloggers that influences my attitude each day and lifestyle. 

Thank you all of you #bloggers!

12. How much time do you spend on the internet daily?
I would say, my laptop is part of me. Take it with me anytime, and everywhere. 
I spend so much time on the internet during weekdays and that's why i go fishing on weekend to get out of it!
  But, even i go fishing, I use my phone to check out blogs..
Well, I hope you enjoy reading this post! 


  1. ooo thank you for the tag! :)

    I look forward to answering the questions Grace. I haven't seen the Maybelline Colour Whispers here, although I'm sure they are and I've probably just missed them :P

    Amy xx
    A Little Boat Sailing

    1. You're welcome Amy,
      you can see it in here :)


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