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Estée Lauder Anti-Aging Creme

Grace @ No.21 Wednesday, July 10, 2013
Revitalizing Supreme is the first Global anti-aging creme by Estée Lauder. Yes, It is an anti-aging product. Some of you might ask me that why do i need a good anti-aging products in the beginning of my twenties. Well, as I always said, good skin is everything. Some people might think 'oh my skin is perfectly fine.' Then once they get older, will see and realize how important it is to have a great skin and might be regret about not taking so much care on their skin when they were young.

 My mom used to tell me that I need to start taking care of my skin better since I was in high school. Honestly, I was a teenage girl who sometimes goes to sleep with the makeup on. Now as I'm thinking I was quite lucky that didn't breakout at all during my teenage after what I've done to my face.. Anyway back to the point, my mom recommended me to start using eye creme even though I didn't had any wrinkles. She also told me that using anti-aging product is not that i have any wrinkles but to prevent future wrinkles, and it will be much harder to get rid of it once I get one. So far, luckily, I don't find myself having serious wrinkle problems. 

Anyway, I decided to get this product after reading descriptions and reviews online. It claims It fights wrinkles, lack of shininess and dehydration. Estée Lauder ran several clinical tests to prove the results. According to these, 92% of women had their skin improved in less than four weeks. Less wrinkles, a better density and the shine of a healthy skin.

First of all, this was a little $$ for me since I am more like a budget friendly beauty lover. But, sometimes I do want a good skin care product and I gave it a go. Generally I do like Estée Lauder's skin care products. I like their scents, the thickness of their products, and pretty packaging etc.. This anti-aging creme has a nice thickness when I apply to my skin. Definitely has a stretch feeling after the application  which I always expect from any anti-aging products. I notice that it gets little warm. - I personally don't like those warm/hot feeling after using ANY kinds of beauty products.. This product has some decent amount of creme that I can use it for awhile. I wont be repurchase it just because It is a nice skin care product but I do think I don't need to spend so much on skin care as of right now. My skin isn't that bad and even I wouldnt use high end product, I will still find some affordable alternatives. 

What do you think of Estée Lauder's skin care products? 
What's your must have skin care brand? 


  1. Beautiful photography!
    Great post as well.

    Which skin type would this work for? Dry?


  2. I would say dry to normal skin type :) if you have an oily skin or oily T-zone like me, just apply a little bit will work as well !

  3. Seems like a nice product too expensive for me but thanks for the review Grace! xx

  4. Oh wow this sounds like such a lovely cream! I have dry skin, and I've been wanting to find something to start using for anti-aging :D xx

    Gemma ♥ | MissMakeupMagpie

    1. It is a nice cream for dry skin :) however, For me, it was pretty pricey that I can't afford to re purchase over and over again so I might stick with affordable ones!

  5. Yes, I love Estee Lauder's anti-wrinkle range, they work wonders and I am looking forward to get a new bottle of that eye cream soon ^^

    1. Oh I heard their eye cream is really good. ;)

  6. Starting early with skincare is very important! I agree xx

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  8. Lovely post, this product looks really nice! But the price is a little iffy, meh! xD

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