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Grace @ No.21 Wednesday, June 12, 2013
image from weheartit. edited by me.
As many of you already know and heard of Google Friends Connect (GFC) is going away in July this year and eventually Google will remove GFC completely.  It seems like Google is pushing bloggers to move on its Google+ widget but I personally like GFC much better and I don't find myself using Google+ widget near future.. I've heard this news or rumor since March. I really didn't take it too seriously because I haven't heard anything officially from Google that they will remove GFC. I still don't know what's going on with this issue but I figured it's better to prepare for it- I'll be so upset to lose all my subscribers/followers and blogs I am following through GFC. So if you are my new reader or current follower, please make sure to follow me through Bloglovin' as an alternative.

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  1. Following you through everything....just in case! :D
    Amy xx
    A Little Boat Sailing

    1. Thank you Amy and so am i ! xx

  2. It's so sad to see GFC going. :/
    On the good side, I'm already following you through bloglovin. :)

    Lynn | Makeup With Tea

    1. I know, me too. I need to start backing up my blogs list to Bloglovin' so I don't lose any if something happen! xx

  3. Already following you there and pretty much everywhere! haha ♥ xx
    Like a lot the changes, though the other layout was so beautiful ^^ Twitter API sure messed up a lot of blogs, the widget now looks like it doesn't belong in my blog : / Hope they add more cutomization to it so I can get rid of the avatar, change the font and colour!!!

    1. haha the previous one, I liked the background but seemed like very cluttered.. also my twitter feed stopped working so had to get rid of it :( -which I really didn't wanted to get rid of.. xx


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